Slides are made available as we receive them from the speakers.  In some instances slides may not be available to be made public.

Keynote: Making a Platform for the People - Sam Ramji, CEO, Cloud Foundry Foundation (English Slides) (Chinese Slides)

Keynote: Innovation Velocity: Build, Run & Manage Apps and Digital Assets on the Cloud - Steve Robinson, General Manager, Cloud Platform Services, IBM Cloud (English Slides)

Keynote: Software Enabled Creative Destruction - Jason Jackson, Field CTO, Pivotal (English Slides)

Building a Smart City Cloud Platform Based on Open Cloud Technologies - Wei-Min Lu, Anchora/MoPaaS & Wu Ouyang, Guian New Area Administrative Committee (English Slides)

Build and Run Cloud Native Apps on Software-Defined Data Center - Hongqiang Chen, VMware (English Slides)

Building the Cloud Infrastructure for Enterprise Cloud Foundry Deployment - Abel Hu and Thomas Shao, Microsoft (English Slides)

How Does a Micro Dev & Ops Team Sustain a Monolithic CF Platform - Rakuten

Monitor Cloud Fouyndry by Opentsdb and Grafana - Simon Gao, Pivotal (English Slides)

Global Operations of Cloud Foundry at Scale - Timothy Vanderham, IBM (English Slides)

Keynote: Creating an Open Enterprise PaaS Cloud Platform - Wei-Min Lu, Yuebin Shen & Liangyue Su, Anchora/MoPaaS (English Slides)

Keynote: KPIT's Digital Transformation Journey Fueled by Pivotal Cloud Foundry - Manoj Mone, Software Architect, KPIT (English Slides)

Deciphering the Buzzword Bingo - Duncan Winn, Pivotal (English Slides)

Deploy Your First Cloud Foundry App - Dave Nielsen, CloudCamp (English Slides)

Enabling Cloud Native Security with Multi-Tenant UAA - William Tran, Pivotal (English Slides)

Lattice and Friends: The Future of Local Cloud Foundry Development - Keaty Gross, Pivotal and Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo (English Slides)

Keynote: Microservices for Enterprise with PaaS - Dr. Hewei Liu, Lead Architect, Huawei (English Slides)

Onboarding Your First CF Application with Resource Templates and Service Brokers - Thomas Shao, Bin Xia, and Rita Zhang, Microsoft  (English Slides)

What's New in CF Services? And What Are Some Cool New Things You Can Do with CF Services? - Dr. Max, IBM & David Sabeti, Pivotal (English Slides)

Keynote: From Plaything to Production - Duncan Johnston Watt, CEO & Founder, CloudSoft (English Slides)

Keynote: Fuel Service, Inspire Innovation, Solo LV, Product Direction, Cloud Group, HPE (English Slides)

Cloud Foundry Security Overview - Aliaksandr Prysmakou, Cloud Foundry Engineer, Altoros (English Slides) (Chinese Slides)

Cloud Foundry and ELK - Logging in the Clouds - David Laing, and Jack Wu, Pivotal (English Slides) (Chinese Slides)

Monkeys & Lemurs and Locusts Oh My - Anti-Fragile Platforms - Sean Keery, Pivotal (English Slides) (Chinese Slides)

What CF is for Apps, is X for Backing Services - Julian Fischer, anynines (English Slides) (Chinese Slides)

Cloud Foundry Service Marketplace - Layne Peng, EMC & Junwei Liu, CMST (English Slides) (Chinese Slides)

Automating Everything via a Concourse Pipeline - Kimberly Johnson, Pivotla & Mark DeLillo, Pivotal (English Slides) (Chinese Slides)

A Telecom Use Case with Cloud Foundry Deployment - An Analysis - Krishna Kumar and Dhilip Kumar, Huawei (English Slides) (Chinese Slides)

MSA, CF and Gaming - Younjin Jeong, Pivotal (English Slides) (Chinese Slides)

On Building a Highly Available Cloud Foundry PostgreSQL Service - Xiujiao Gao and Wayne E. Seguin, Stark & Wayne (English Slides) (Chinese Slides)