Training course and descriptions are outlined below.  You must select the training courses on your registration form.  More information on registering for the conference can be found here.

Course 1 - Cloud Foundry for Beginners: from Zero to Hero

Join us for a hands-on training workshop to learn about deploying and managing applications on Cloud Foundry. We will give an overview of Cloud Foundry and how it works, including specifics relating to services, buildpacks, and architecture. We will also look at how to effectively work with Cloud Foundry in your organisation. 

This training is targeted at people with little or no Cloud Foundry experience but some experience delivering web-based applications. If you're curious to learn how Cloud Foundry can help you focus on development and innovation, rather than infrastructure plumbing, this is the right course for you.

Attendees must be proficient in English to participate in the training course.

System Requirements

  • Linux 32/64bit, Windows 32/64bit or OS X 64bit
  • 1GB of FREE RAM
  • USB port for mounting the USB drive with course material
  • a code editor of choice
  • Git 1.8+ (check with 'git version')